The demand for nursing export to Japan is increasing now. After years of implementing this service, there have been about 700 nurses working in Japan up to now. This number will probably continue to increase as the unemployment rate of graduated students is becoming higher, as well as the fact that not many students can find a job of stable income. Therefore, labor export on nursing to Japan is probably the right choice for you to have a stable life.

As a nurse in Japan, you will improve your skills

Working in Japan, you will have many opportunities to interact with the world leading modern science and technology as well as working in a professional environment, improve your knowledge and experience from the country.

Improve your Japanese proficiency

As nursing export to Japan, the nurse practitioners can communicate and talk to the Japanese, so your skills of listening and speaking are also improved. If you take time in learning and practicing, your Japanese proficiency can reach N1, N2 and even as fluently as native speakers after returning home.

Learn to work professionally

The Japanese are well known with a very valuable virtue. That is professional working style, on time and on schedule. Working with them, you are sure and soon to be a professional, and that is great for your working time later no matter which career you choose.

Many opportunities to work after doing nursing export

You can believe that, you will have many opportunities to take a good job after your nursing abroad. By then, you have improved in specialty, professional working style as well as language proficiency and Japanese culture. You can apply for jobs in hospitals, health care centers, etc. If you are good at Japanese, you can also become a good translator or interpreter. There will be many ways open for you after doing nursing in Japan.

The reason why Vietnamese nurse practitioners choose Japan

Currently, Japan has to carry out many policies such as strengthening to build more nursing homes, nursing centers, and to train and supplement human resources on nursing from other countries to meet the increasing demand of health care for the people. That is reason why nurse practitioners from Vietnam in particular and South East Asia in general always find a good job with attractive income while working there.

Japanese health care in general and older care in particular are among the best in the world. Therefore, the Vietnamese applicants for the job in Japan can work and study as well as to participate in the competency assessment for salary raise. This is a great opportunity for you to join the nursing program in Japan.

Recognizing this opportunity, with the mission of connecting between Vietnam and Japan, Nam Trieu Development & Investment Co., Ltd (NAM TRIEU) will bring the best opportunities for laborers to participate in the "Nurse practitioners" program of the Company.

When joining the "Nurse practitioners" program of NAM TRIEU you will be:

  • Consulted and connected with Japanese enterprises.
  • Supported from application to interviews, filing, recruiting in company and all the time working in Japan.
  • Information confidentiality, etc.



Nam Trieu 20/09/2018



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